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bleh ;)

okay, so, I haven't joined a community on LJ in..... <.< probably four or five months. I finally cracked. hehe
anyway... I shall attempt to make this as not dull as possible (and as prolonged as possible, as I'm procrastinating on my homework). I'm Kate. I'm sixteen and am a semi-ish fan of click five. I was a bigger fan until my mom decided they were cool and starting dancing to their music, and that kinda scared me, so I backed away slowly, boarded up my room, and have since toned my obsessive tendencies.... meaning I only play the CD four times daily. (jk, but who cares...)

*clears throat* ahem... ^.^ I love telling this story.
so, I had decided I was going to join the street team. We were out, running around, doing errands, all that good stuff that you don't really wanna do but you have to do anyway... and I was bouncing ideas off my mom. So I tell her... I'm going to join the street team for the click five.... to which she IMMEADIATELY replies:
(and here I am thinking, "homeschooled, no in-state friends since we'd just moved a few months ago, spends entire life on internet.... reputation? meh? what reputation?") and I say something along the lines of...
"But mom, it's not even about the band. It's purely about the music!" see that, I defended them. :P I'm loyal (oh god, I make myself sound a devoted puppy....)
"It doesn't matter. The second someone hears the name, they think of the band, not the music." and me, having not heard the Beach Boys yet and still digging the hot suits, responded with:
"But they're practically CLONES of the Beatles!"
"Oh yeah, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT THE BEATLES!" heh. my mother. never forgets. ANYTHING. well, not about anything that during the childless part of her life anyway...
Enter awkward silence mode....
so, we keep driving. she's trying to engage me in conversation. I'm completely not responding.
we get to the store.... sit in the parking lot for 15 minutes.... she sighs and gives in, says she understands. blah blah blah. cue icky mother-daughter bonding moment, two seconds later (completely out of the blue)
"So, are these boys cute?"


skipping ahead. I go into the music section, see the CD, BUY it... bring it home. before my mother can object, I set it to play AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE on the living room stereo... and my mom starts dancing...
overall, the humor in this story is probably.... like.... not existent. but I posted it anyway...

so, I have kind of a random observation.... I was listening to the oldies station the other day, it occured to me... I know with the suits and the hair and everything, they keep getting compared to the Beatles, but then it occured to me, they actually sound a LOT more like the Beach Boys....
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