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Resign Those Wandering Eyes [entries|friends|calendar]
Un-official Click Five Fans LJ Community

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Upcomming Click Shows [January 5th 2008]

[ mood | dorky ]

Theres one in NYC, two in Boston and one in Washington DC .

Whos Going?

Im atleast going to the NYC show!

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some icons [December 26th 2007]

I've made some icons, but I don't know if we're allowed to post graphics here. Tell me if we can't and i'll modify this post. I couldn't find any other click five community to post graphics!



click thisCollapse )

[December 9th 2007]

I am on a website where you can get some TCF merch for free.
It's not a gimmick.

Just leave your email in a comment. ^^
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dead? [October 20th 2007]

[ mood | disappointed ]

what's happening to this lj? i'm new here but i feel bad that no one's posting anymore. :(. there are a lot of things going on with the band! don't you love them anymore just because kyle replaced eric or for whatever reason? show some love please! :)

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new album [June 28th 2007]

any get the new album??
its amazing.

comments on what you think.
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In case you didn't know... [March 17th 2007]

Eric left the band. :(


[August 30th 2006]

I would kill to see Eric shirtless.
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Question [July 13th 2006]

OK, correct me if I am wrong, but they had a song in The Shaggy Dog, right? So why can't I find it anywhere?
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[May 16th 2006]

?It still has ALOT of work to be done, but i want to get the word out on my new fansite!

Please check it out && spread the word =]


trading cards [May 7th 2006]
hey i bought another cd last night and i got an eric trading card...i already have eric so i was wondering if anyone has either joe or joey and wants to trade with me for eric?? just let me know and we can trade =]
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[April 27th 2006]

check out http://www.catchyourwave.net/!

[April 16th 2006]

1. TC5 2. TC5

To view the other Click Five icons, join bytheway_icons!

Join bytheway_icons [April 5th 2006]

Join bytheway_icons! Icons will mainly consist of things I like [ex: Click Five, The Veronicas, Jonas Brothers, Tyler Hilton, 8th & Ocean, One Tree Hill, The O.C., Desperate Housewives, etc.] I just made this community last night and I'm kinda lacking members. I haven't posted any icons yet but I want to make some more and then I'll post a batch up [probably tonight]. I'll take requests, etc; just join! You won't be disappointed, I promise. :)

bleh ;) [April 2nd 2006]

[ mood | <.< I love the little mood guy ]

okay, so, I haven't joined a community on LJ in..... <.< probably four or five months. I finally cracked. hehe
anyway... I shall attempt to make this as not dull as possible (and as prolonged as possible, as I'm procrastinating on my homework). I'm Kate. I'm sixteen and am a semi-ish fan of click five. I was a bigger fan until my mom decided they were cool and starting dancing to their music, and that kinda scared me, so I backed away slowly, boarded up my room, and have since toned my obsessive tendencies.... meaning I only play the CD four times daily. (jk, but who cares...)
oh, what horrible day that was...Collapse )
so, I have kind of a random observation.... I was listening to the oldies station the other day, it occured to me... I know with the suits and the hair and everything, they keep getting compared to the Beatles, but then it occured to me, they actually sound a LOT more like the Beach Boys....

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[March 19th 2006]

[ mood | blah ]

uhm, i just joined like 2 secs ago...i havent really looked around here yet, but yeah...

basically...my name is Livon...and the click five obviously rocks..though i cant say i know them too well....and i havent been to any of their concerts YET cuz they were just playing on like a wed....and i cant go in the middle of the week goddammit...so that was kinda pointless, but i figured i might as well introduce myself....

uhm yeah, idk..about me? im 15, i play guitar, drums, and piano...and i wanna be in a band when i grow up...

i also wanna check out berklee (school of music) but i couldnt find their site...like i found it, but it didnt work, so i guess it wasnt the site...so if you have the site for that, that would be cool...

yeah, im out
~Livon :D


Happy Birthday Ethan! [March 16th 2006]

[ mood | cold ]

Happy late birthday Ethan! [even though he'll never probably read this, it's still fun to wish him a Happy Birthday].

Anyone have any new Click Five news/pictures/anything? If you do, POST!...even if it's something little.


Taking requests. [March 7th 2006]

[ mood | creative ]

I'm bored and have nothing to do this week except study for a test on Thursday so I'm taking graphics requests.

[1] Provide the picture; do you want anything done with it? [ex: black & white, sepia, etc.]
[2] Do you want anything written on it? If you do, then provide what you want written on it and what color you want it [if you don't tell me a color, I'll just choose one that I think best fits it].
[3] Let me know what you want [i.e: icon, friends only banner, header, etc.]

I can't do anything with animation so please don't ask and I kinda suck at blends! :p I have PSP X so I'll try my best to make what you want.


[March 6th 2006]

Tons of Click 5 interview/acoustic downloads here.

Promo material [February 25th 2006]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I just got home from an eye appointment and what was on my doorstep? Um about 100 Click Five promo posters [the new double sided one, one side is purple that says "Catch Your Wave" and the other is the album cover in black and white]! I screamed for about five minutes in excitement when I saw them.

Has anyone else gotten promo material?

Edit: since people were asking what the posters looked like, here you go! All I did was e-mail them two weeks ago saying that if I had promo material I'd pass it around campus and stuff and voila! I got 'em! :)

Promo posters!Collapse )

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[February 22nd 2006]

I found this on the FUSE website, too a screencap, and swiped it.

Thought I'd share it.

Aren't they cute?Collapse )
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