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Resign Those Wandering Eyes

and wake up to my love tonight

Un-official Click Five Fans LJ Community
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Who's the Click Five?!

Who's the Click Five?!
The Click Five:

[x] Joey Zehr // Drums and Backing Vocals
[x] Eric Dill // Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
[x] Joe Guese // Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
[x] Ben Romans // Keys and Backing Vocals
[x] Ethan Mentzer // Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

The Click Five is a Boston band who's current single is "Catch Your Wave". Joey, Joe, Ben, and Ethan met at Berklee [School of Music]; Ethan latered asked his childhood friend Eric to be the lead vocals for the band and voilà! -- the Click Five was born.

The Rules

1. Once you join, introduce yourself! Who knows? Maybe you'll have a new lj friend who's in love with The Click Five as much as you are!
2. If you are going to post a large post that includes multiple pictures, put it under a lj cut; don't know how to put something under a lj cut? Click here.
3. Respect the other members of the community; no hating -- no one likes drama.
4. No posting about how much you hate The Click Five -- if you hate them, then why are you in this community? Seriously, get a life.
5. Posts promoting other bands are allowed, just don't spam our friends pages with a lot of different bands.
6. Promote clickfivefans! Who likes dead communities? I sure don't.
7. Have fun!


Their debut CD "Greetings From Imrie House" was released on August 16th, 2005.
Don't have it? BUY IT!

Greetings From Imrie House

CD Track Listings:

1. Good Day
2. Just The Girl
3. Catch Your Wave
4. I'll Take My Chances
5. Friday Night
6. Angel To You (Devil To Me)
7. Resign
8. Lies
9. Pop Princess
10. Time Machine
11. Say Goodnight



Want to be an affiliate? Let either demogurl, angel_stars, or mizlady36 know, and we'll gladly add you to our list!

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